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Hi, I’m Jody and I originally started making soap in 2018 in my home kitchen for my household, family and friends. By developing my own natural formulas I began the journey towards finding the best ingredients for healthy skin and natural remedies which the regular mass-produced skincare products fail so badly at. I’ve always believed that mother nature is much better than the man-made chemicals we find in just about everything these days.

I started with the natural materials I could find in the countryside around me such as eucalyptus, wild rose, lavender and rosemary which I knew to have great therapeutic properties and also grow in abundance. Luckily, being in Warrington, the Cheshire countryside was only a stone throw away which was a great starting point. My discovery missions were not just by foot and bicycle, I also love to travel further afield and my previous job as a same day courier took me throughout Europe from Cadiz in Spain to Umea in Sweden and even as far as Greece. You can check out my blog here. This background gave me the springboard I would need to find new and exciting raw materials to make the oils for my soap and skin creams.

From these humble beginnings, it wasn’t long before I perfected my recipes and decided to start my own business. It became obvious that I couldn’t just rely on foraging for all the ingredients I needed so I started working with local farms, beekeepers, and distillers of essential oils. Its great during the summer harvest when the entire process of extracting the essential oils can be seen from start to finish and the smell of the fresh crop is amazing.

My middle name is Gabriella and I also share the same name with my best friend Gabby, who has been so supportive and enthusiastic right from the start. So, that was it, Gabriella Oils was born and in February 2020 I started supplying local shops with my soaps and candles.

I hope you enjoy my website and my very special handmade products. I still make everything in small batches with love and passion for the natural world we live in.

Jody Saunders

Jody Gabriella Saunders

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