Handmade Soap by Gabriella Oils

Go Herbal Soaps

Powerfully scented handmade soap with plenty of vegetable glycerine to provide moisture to the skin and a smooth luxurious feel. Each soap is enhanced with herbal and citrus essential oils to naturally condition while providing energising fragrance. Packed in handy tins to keep the scent strong and fresh, and the soap free to travel.

Palm-free, plastic-free, and vegan friendly.

Orange & Sage GO Herbal Soap

Orange & Sage


Bergamot & Marjoram GO Herbal Soap

Bergamot & Marjoram


Mandarin & Lemongrass GO Herbal Soap

Mandarin & Lemongrass


Petitgrain & Lavender GO Herbal Soap

Petitgrain & Lavender


Grapefruit & Mint GO Herbal Soap

Grapefruit & Mint


Lemon & Thyme GO Herbal Soap

Lemon & Thyme


Tangerine & Rosemary GO Herbal Soap

Tangerine & Rosemary


Coriander & Lime GO Herbal Soap

Coriander & Lime


Go Herbal Soap
Refill Only (Without Tin)

Go Herbal Soaps without the tins.
Refill your old tin with a new soap,
or simply buy the soap on it's own.
Sealed in eco-friendly packaging for freshness.